New School Year
I am so excited to be back in school! I had a great summer riding my bike and of course watching the Tour de France and going to the Tour of Utah, but it's time to hit the books! I like being outside but I know how important school I really do love learning about different things. Math and science are great, and I love to read. Especially because I can learn so much about my favorite cyclists and other parts of the world where I want to ride, like Belgium! Have fun this new school year and don't forget to ride your bike. If you can, ask your parents if you can ride to school. Even better, ask if they will ride to school with you! One of my favorite things is riding to school with my dad!
Posted Wednesday, September 5th, 2012
Our Heroes
Sometimes even heroes need help...even if it just our support.
Posted Friday, August 24th, 2012
Back to School = Back to Bikes!
Summer is almost over, but one thing I know for sure is that I want to keep riding my bike! I talked with my mom and dad last night about riding my bike to school this year and they said they would help me find a good route to take to school. My dad also wants to go over bike safety with me. I think this is a good idea. Talk with your parents about biking to school. There is a cool organization called Safe Routes to Schools that will give your parents good information and they may even be able to get your entire school registered to bike to school! How cool is that?! Summer may be coming to an end but let's keep on biking!
Posted Wednesday, August 15th, 2012
Tour of Utah Ends- Time to Ride!
I hope that you had as much fun as I did following the Tour of Utah over the last 6 days, and I hope that your are excited to go out and ride your bikes! Riding my bike is my favorite thing to do and I know that if I keep riding and training hard that one day I will be able to race in the Tour of Utah- and I hope that I get to race against you! Stay active and have fun...and remember, it's not about the miles, it's all about the smiles! GO RIDE!
Posted Sunday, August 12th, 2012
Final Stage of Tour of Utah!
This afternoon is the final stage of this year's Tour of Utah! It all comes down to a few more hours of hard racing and the champion of America's Toughest Stage Race will be decided. These riders have spent nearly 20 hours racing over the last week, that is almost a full day of riding as hard as you can! Add today's 3.5 hours and these world class monsters of two-wheel speed will have battled on bikes for almost a full day!
Posted Sunday, August 12th, 2012
Stage 6- The Showdown!
One of the things that I love about pro racing the most is that one day can change everything! These amazing cyclists have been riding so fast and so strong over the last few days across 100's of miles of road along the Wasatch Front and in the end it is going to come down to seconds in deciding who is the winner of the 2012 Tour of Utah! Tomorrow is the showdown in Park City but instead of guns blazing like in the times of the Old West, this one will be wheels spinning and pedals cranking! The Park City TOU Showdown- what cyclist are you rooting for?!
Posted Saturday, August 11th, 2012
Back to the Mountains!
Wow, we have seen some amazing racing over the last few days! We have been in the mountains, out on the speedway and through the flat desert around SLC, but I have been looking forward to tomorrow for the entire race! Tomorrow's stage is called the Queen Stage and it could be the stage that decides who will win the Tour of Utah this year! Riders will start in the mountain resort town called Park City and then wrap around the back side of the Wasatch mountains before dropping down and then going all the way back up Little Cottonwood Canyon to end at the Snowbird Ski and Summer resort. The Tour of Utah is back in the mountains and the riders are going to ride as hard as they can up, down and then back up the mountain! I am going to ride up to Snowbird with Lucille The Wheel and get a spot at the finish like to see if my buddy Dave Zabriski who is from Utah can win tomorrow- Go Dave!
Posted Friday, August 10th, 2012
These Guys are FAST!
It is hard to believe how fast the cyclists at the Tour of Utah are riding their bikes! When I race Lucille the Wheel I pedal as hard as I can and I think that I am flying down our street, but when I see my favorite riders come down the mountains going as fast as they are my jaw drops- these guys are some of the fastest bike riders in the world! Today was so much fun because I have ridden some of the same places they have like Big Mountain and Immigration Canyon that drops into SLC. I was so excited to see the peloton fly down the canyon into research park at the University of Utah. The BMC Team was putting the hammer down and leading the charge! It was another hot day in Utah, but it didn't matter to these bike warriors. They kept hydrated and kept the pounding the pedals all the way to the finish line! Be sure to check in for tomorrow's Stage 4 that ends in downtown Salt Lake City at the Energy Solutions Arena. The Tour of Utah is only picking up speed and tomorrow will be another fast day before they head back into the mountains on Saturday!
Posted Thursday, August 9th, 2012
Mountains Are Coming!
Wow! I has so much fun at the Team Time Trials today! It was my first time at the Miller Motorsports Park and it was awesome! The weather was really hot and windy but it was so cool to see the teams ride together on the race course- and they were FAST! Tomorrow is exciting because they are racing back in the mountains, and the mountains is what makes the Tour of Utah such an amazing race. They have 2 really big climbs tomorrow and remember, what goes up comes down so you can imagine how fast these riders are going to be coming down the other side! I am going to Research Park at the University of Utah to see the finish. My favorite commentator Dave Towle is calling the race so I am excited to hear him and watch the riders on the big television screen. This way I can see the whole race! I am going out for a ride now, hope to see you tomorrow!
Posted Wednesday, August 8th, 2012
Team Time Trial
Today's first Stage of the Tour of Utah got things going with the cyclists quickly heading up the mountains behind Ogden. Tomorrow the tour is heading south to the Miller Motorsports Park outside outside of Salt Lake City which is the capital of Utah. I am excited about the race tomorrow because I really like time trials. This means that riders race against the clock to see who is the fastest. Tomorrow is a team time trial which means all the riders on the team must ride their very best and work together as a team in order to put together the fastest time. I will be reporting live from the Miller Motorsports Park so be sure to check in!!!
Posted Tuesday, August 7th, 2012